Minister Louis Farrakhan falls ill and postpones visit to Belize

(Source: channel5belize.com) The highly anticipated visit of the Head of the Nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan, has been postponed at the eleventh hour. Arrangements had all been put in place for the high security visit of one of the most controversial, yet inspirational speakers. The seventy-nine year old minister, who was to arrive in the jewel on Thursday, was expected to address hundreds of followers, bringing a message of a “Voice of Hope.” But the Caribbean tour was cut short when Farrakhan fell ill on Tuesday night; suffering from exhaustion and dehydration in St. Thomas. Organizer here in Belize, Nuri Muhammad, says that the visit will be rescheduled hopefully for early next year.

Nuri Muhammad: “The circumstances are understandable. The minister was checked into the hospital in St. Thomas last night suffering from extreme exhaustion, dehydration and suspicion of urinary tract infection which comes from dehydration. And it was recommendation from the doctors and his family that he cut short his tour. As you know he has been on a seven nation tour and we in fact were the last two—Belize and Bahamas—and unfortunately he will not be able to make it. But the hope is that he will reschedule and our optimism is that he will be here in January or a time soon after that. He’s asked me through his representative to extend his sincere appreciation for the outpour of love that he has seen reading the blogs, reading the news reports hearing the reports that I have sent to him. What I thought that the minister’s message would have brought to us over the weekend would have been a mirror to look at ourselves; for young people to look at themselves..." [Read More]

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