Songstress Akilah Nehanda Muhammad releases new mixtape "The Best Part"

A little over a year ago, I premiered the video "Best in the World" by Howard University graduate Akilah Muhammad, who goes by the stage name "Nehanda". Then we went one-on-one in an exclusive interview. 

Well she's back with the release of her new mixtape, that hit took the Internet by storm on December 21. No, the world did not come to an end as predicted by some, but this album is a part of a cultural revolution of conscious vibrations that is sure to engulf the world.

I haven't stopped listening to this album since I downloaded it. She has some uplifting bangers such as "One of A Kind", "Good Girls" and "Keep Her Sacred."

This album is the Beginning of a Paradigm shift; A Movement from the darkness of the current social climate to the light that can only be inspired by a renewing of our minds. Music to Dance to; Music to feel through; Music to change you. All songs written and arranged by Nehanda with the exception of song "Keep Her Sacred." All songs recorded and mixed by ZIN with the exception of song Keep Her Sacred, Why, Best in the World, Champion, and All Inside.

Hey, but don't just take my word for it (smile)...download it and check it out today @ http://nehanda.bandcamp.com/album/nehanda-the-best-part

Congrats Sister Akilah!

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  1. This album is beautiful because Sis Akilah has some jammin music that i don't have to worry about listening to when my children can hear. She is a wonderful example for my daughter. SOOOOO proud of her. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you don't check this out!!! Congrats on a wonderful job Sis Akilah but it is an expectation now that what you do will be the best!!!


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