Unapologetic Love: Minister Louis Farrakhan extends invitation to meet Barbados icon Rihanna

by Jesse Muhammad

As I write this blog, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is in the middle of his revived Caribbean tour. After stops in Grenada and Barbados, he is now scheduled to visit Dominica, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Belize and the Bahamas.

Although these are beautiful places to spend vacations, don’t think Minister Farrakhan and his delegation are sitting on the beach enjoying the sun. Rather he’s there to continue doing what he has done for over 57 years: Raise the mentally dead. During his stop in Barbados, Minister Farrakhan was asked several times by the media there about his controversial Saviours’ Day 2011 comments regarding singer Rihanna, who presently has the number 1 album in the country titled “Unapologetic.”

Although Minister Farrakhan’s intention was not to attack Rihanna, she responded to him via Twitter and thus a perceived beef was ignited by the media. A statement was made by a representative of Minister Farrakhan and I also wrote a blog in response to her misunderstanding. Minister Farrakhan is unapologetically in love with our people.

As soon as his feet touched the soil of Barbados, the media wanted to know why he critiqued Rihanna. He said he sees Rihanna like one of his grandchildren and that it was all "out of love."

On a Barbados radio station early Nov. 26, Minister Farrakhan engaged in a two-hour discussion with host David Ellis of Down to Brass Tacks on Voice of Barbados. Mr. Eills asked Minister Farrakhan to address his comments about Rihanna in the context of how women are portraying themselves throughout the world.

Minister Farrakhan said:
My Teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s mission---in transforming the life of Black men and women in America and throughout the world—seventy-five (75) percent of that work is with the female. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that no nation can rise any higher than its women. And he said that when you educate a man, you educate an individual. But when you educate a woman, you educate a nation. My dear Rihanna--and all of our young people--she’s such a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice and a very beautiful and shapely body. Show business today is not what show business was when I was coming up. Show business today is demonstrating not only the beauty of your voice, but in the beauty of your body, the type of costumes that they permit us to wear and the type of motion of our bodies, is a sexual motion. 
When my mother used to teach the young girls around her, she had a saying ‘Keep your pocketbook closed’; which is saying to the woman that your knees should never open to a man except that man is worthy. The Bible says a virtuous woman is more valuable than silver and gold. So when we dance--and I’m speaking now of the female--and you open your knees wide in your dance, it suggests an invitation to any low-minded man that you are open for him. And today those who govern us, they want to lower the standard of respect for our women and our men. And so you find men today—I hate to hurt your feelings—but brothers, men, fathers having sex with their daughters; incest in families so that young girls grow up having been abused by men that they should honor and respect, but these are the men that are destroying their lives through sex. 
And so I was hoping and praying that we could transform the music industry that our people would go forward in a more spiritual way. As the Bible says, “praise God with your song, with your dance. Praise Him on the string instrument, the harp, the symbol. Praise Him in the dance, but let everything be a praise of God.” And if God is at the center of our demonstration of a gift that He gave us then we should honor God by the way we perform our gift.
And that’s all I meant to say and I’m hoping that I will be blessed one day to meet my little sister Rihanna and let her know how much I love her and how much I love our artists and how much I want our artists to take a position that will give guidance to the young girls who look at them as idols and do exactly what they see the older ones do.
It would be beautiful to see Rihanna accept this invitation from Minister Farrakhan, a man who is unapologetically in love with the rise our people. He has something that's more valuable than a platinum album, millions of fans, and material wealth: RIGHT GUIDANCE.

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  1. I pray she will!!

  2. I hope Rihanna as well as others accept your invitation Brother Farrakhan; let your message touch their hearts and minds.

  3. Great article. Bad title... When you use the word 'unapologetic' in the title it sets the tone to suggest that the minister was unapologetic and thus keeps the (discord) going. Most people won't read the whole article. They'll only read the title and first paragraph. So always make those clear. - Your brother

    1. @ Anonymous (Your Brother)

      I have to disagree with you. I think the title is accurate. It doesn't just read "unapologetic", it reads "unapologetic love". This is right in line with the countless times that Minister Farrakhan has said he will not apologize for his love of god, Black people and the Truth. He loves Rihanna and all of us enough to offer guidance and correction even if it hurts our feelings. Evidence of that is the fact that in this radio interview the Minister STILL did not change his position where our women in this music industry are concerned. Of course he doesn't mean to offend, but there is no way to tell the truth without offending the guilty. The title is on point. And I love the fact that the Minister extended this invitation. I don't see discord being pushing in this article...I would not have even known about this were it not for Brother J's blog, so the question is why hasn't the other media--who actually drove the wedge between them in the beginning---reported on this? Because THEY want the discord to continue. Don't blame Brother J.

      Lastly, don't assume that everyone ONLY reads the title and the first paragraph. Not true.

    2. This would be good for her and Chris Brown. I'm tired of them being attacked. All of our young people need Farrakhan's guidance...heck I need it too! Thanks for posting this Brother Jesse.

    3. @ Lauren. You say 'Unapologetic Love' is right in line with what the minister has been saying. Sounds good. But in the interest of clarity, writers should never use trend words or phrases since 90% percent of the people who will read the article will not be part of the niche-group, and not have heard the definition of the trend-phrase, therefore might misinterpret the phrase.

      Being a writer myself, here are two tenets all studied writers know: 1) Write like they know nothing. Writers must write clear and simple, like writing to an audience of 8th graders, assuming they have no previous knowledge of the subject. 2) Countless studies show that readers rarely read pass the Title and Lead Paragraph (the first paragraph). This is where a writers makes the most widespread lasting impression.

    4. @ Anonymous (Sorry, you won't post your name :-))

      Thank you for the response. I have writing experience as well so, respectfully this is my response:

      You said "But in the interest of clarity, writers should never use trend words or phrases"...what world of journalism are you living in? This is done all the time in news writing, blogging, etc...The use of trend words or phrases does not thwart clarity.

      You said "90% percent of the people who will read the article will not be part of the niche-group, and not have heard the definition of the trend-phrase, therefore might misinterpret the phrase."...90%? Come on. Again I think you're making a huge assumption here. And let's not forget the title also says "Minister Farrakhan extends invitation...". People will read the rest of right?

      You said "1) Write like they know nothing. Writers must write clear and simple, like writing to an audience of 8th graders, assuming they have no previous knowledge of the subject." This particular blog shares the past encounter between Rihanna and Farrakhan and it's in very simple language. BTW, most newspapers today don't follow this rule at all, otherwise we still would not be having these LONG drawn out stories that consume 4-6 pages. That's beyond the attention span of an 8th grader, huh? (smile)

      You said "2) Countless studies show that readers rarely read pass the Title and Lead Paragraph (the first paragraph)."....again, this is an assumption. There are countless studies that contradict this as well. It's all about perspective.

      You said "This is where a writers makes the most widespread lasting impression." Maybe in the age old world of journalism, but not today. The dynamics of making a long lasting impact has many facets today.

      We can agree to disagree. Thank you for the dialogue!

      In Respect,

    5. Mashallah, Ameen Lauren

  4. I love how Minister Farrakhan gives correction in such a loving spirit, yet he won't back down from principles. Rihanna and all would benefit from meeting with him. I wish I could! LOL

  5. Rihanna should see Minister Louis Farrakhan because he will teach her how to love and respect herself without dressing half nude to sell her records, he is doing this out of love.Rihanna is already blessed with good looks and a beautiful voice she needs to know that she has to love and respect herself first and that she is a role model
    for little girls that love and adore her.

  6. I love The Hon.Minister Farrakhan and I also understand the plight of today's entertainers to suffice the powers that be. If she does accept this, it could mean the end of her career.

  7. Thank you all for the comments and critique! It's always appreciated.

    1. Brother Jesse - This is a great blog post. Short and to the point demonstrating excellent insight and a true understanding of your audience and what they consider important. I've read the previously posted comments in this thread and in my view, your headline is pure marketing genius! Stay strong and keep on doing what you're doing-then do more!



  9. In “Anonymous” defense, I have to say that the title sort of caught me off guard initially as well. While I don’t think it’s a huge deal, I do see the point that he or she was trying to convey.

    I’ve been following Farrakhan for many years and it’s apparent that he is a very wise man, so I don’t often question his knowledge and his intent. But, one thing that I do struggle with is the concept that women bear the brunt of the responsibility of civilizing men in particular. I so get the entire nation piece because I understand the power and influence women have and that they are the first teachers of life. But, I get annoyed when I hear that men’s moral conduct is contingent on the woman’s virtue. It sends the message that men are incapable of governing themselves, and therefore, they are not primarily/totally accountable for their actions. There are many men that have been raised with moral integrity and that has been taught at some point in their lifetime the value of the woman and of their value to her as a man, particularly so called men of faith, e.g., pastors, ministers, and yes, FOI. However, in spite of this knowledge, many of these men continue to engage in degenerate behavior and are disrespectful of women. So, in my assessment, it is not necessarily a society of supportive and virtuous women that will help men to become men of moral standard. Many men have deep-rooted issues and a very perverse view of sex and are in need of therapy.


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