Hashtag #CoveredGirls sparks modesty movement on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

This is something I truly support and had to feature on Brother Jesse Blog.

On Friday, January 4, songstress Akilah Nehanda Muhammad took to her Facebook page and put out a beautiful challenge to the women of the world for 2013. She wrote in her status:

"I'm challenging my sisters out there who love modesty & don't mind the "Covered Girl" look (get it? ha!) to post a pic or make a collage of urself in ur cute non-revealing fits! Casual or fancy! U don't have to be muslim to do this!! It can b a pic u already have on fbook, share it AGAIN! Let's show the world we're more than flesh! "A Nation can Rise no Higher than its Woman!"- Elijah Muhammad ♥" 
The phrase-turned-hashtag "#CoveredGirls" was coined by Sister Faatimah Heaven Muhammad. Of course this society is usually "blown away" by the looks of Cover Girl ads, but the aim of this budding movement is to deconstruct the myth that being covered is oppressive and something to be ashamed of. Instead it's something to be proud of!

They are not on a crusade to put down their fellow sisters who choose to display their adornments; just showing that you can be just as beautiful, powerful, attractive and dynamic when you're not showing the world all of your jewels. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us a wonderful principle: "You don't have to condemn a dirty glass. Just place a clean glass up next to the dirty glass and let the people decide."  (Smile) The young sisters rather represent modesty than what the world wants them to appear as.

Below are a few photos I grabbed from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To see more images of the #CoveredGirls, click on Sister Akilah's Facebook page or follow the hashtag #CoveredGirls.



  1. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Brother Jesse for always displaying the greatness of our Nation!!!

  2. peace my beloved family love it we truly have the best Cover Girls :)

  3. Brother JESSE you are always giving us some great blogs!


  5. Beautiful! What every women should be. #Coveredgirl

  6. Beautiful! What every girl/women should be. #coveredgirl


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