Houston attorney Warren Muhammad sworn in as a city judge: “Through justice we can live a better life.”

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

Attorney Warren Muhammad was recently sworn in to serve as a Judge in the Municipal Courts of the city of Houston.

“I am honored and humbled. I see it as an opportunity to serve and participate in the just administration of the law,” says Mr. Muhammad.

Over a 33 year career, he has handled many cases in the area of civil litigation, criminal defense and entertainment law. Those cases include even getting a not guilty verdict for a man charged with attempted capital murder of a police officer arising out of a shootout with police.

 “After I received the appointment, I reflected on the importance of the position, realizing that many people's first contact with the legal system takes place in the Municipal Courts. Also the proper implementation and adherence to the traffic codes are critical in that many lives are lost, people injured and damages incurred on the roads of our city and state,” says Mr. Muhammad.

Mr. Muhammad has been a registered member of the Nation of Islam since 1989 and attends Muhammad Mosque No. 45. He is an active member of the Ministry of Justice and a student in the ministry class.

“Minister Farrakhan has said that the mis-administration of Law produces, not life, but death. My desire is to help in the proper administration of the law so that through justice we can live a better life,” he says.

His extensive career qualified him for this new position that was approved by the Mayor of Houston. After a period of training, he was expected to assume the bench at various Municipal courts throughout the city. “I do hope to bring a wealth of life and legal experience to the position, integrity and balance,” he says.

Congrats Brother Warren!

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