Minister Farrakhan appeals to President Obama to come to Chicago 'hoods to help end the violence

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

During Part 2 of his weekly online series, "The Time And What Must Be Done," the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan made an appeal to President Barack Obama to come into Chicago in the 'hood to help end the senseless street violence. The segment aired on January 19, 2013.

“You know my dear and beloved brother, as I walked the streets of your and my Chicago, and saw the pain, the hurt, in the inner-city, when I talked to young Black men and they said ‘Farrakhan, we’re doing what we have to do to survive, we have no money, we have no jobs, we have nothing.’ And in another place I was met by a person who said, ‘I wish that our president would come and see after us, but we thank you Farrakhan for coming to see after us,’” the Minister continued, “Do you know what it would mean my dear Brother President if you came into Chicago in the ‘hood and met with those parents who have lost their children and then got in your bully pulpit and preached to us in a way not talking down to us, but talking to us as one who truly is compassionate for what America has done to us and what we are now doing to ourselves?” [Watch the clip below]

This appeal is being heavily discussed on The Final Call newspaper's Facebook fan page. Some people agree it would have an impact while others think it's a lost cause that President Obama would even care enough to do so. [Read the comments]

Last July, Minister Farrakhan starting leading the Nation of Islam men into the streets every week to promote peace throughout America and other parts of the globe. Brothers are still going out every week without fail. Will President Obama respond? I guess we will have to wait and see. Farrakhan is on his job and he has said, "Our work is in the streets."

Minister Farrakhan's weekly message, 'The Time & What Must Be Done' is available in its entirety at http://www.noi.org/thetime.

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