Saviours' Day 2013: A Graphic Novel Of The Dire Need Of The Economic Blueprint of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Nation of Islam's Economic Blueprint from Kevin Muhammad, Jr. on Vimeo.

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

As I previously posted, the Nation of Islam is in the midst of our Saviours' Day Gift Campaign to raise $10 million to purchase farmland, build school, create jobs and more.

The above video was created by multimedia expert Kevin Muhammad, Jr., in an effort to push the campaign and give the world a peek into the need for The Economic Blueprint of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Check out the video! It's DOPE! (people still use that word?) [Original Link: http://vimeo.com/56724109]

In his illuminating book, "Message To The Blackman", the Honorable Elijah Muhammad outlined The Economic Blueprint that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been stressing that we need to revisit. And according to NOI.org, Minister Farrakhan is planning to speak on "Muhammad's Economic Blueprint: Ending Poverty and Want" during his scheduled keynote address at the annual Saviours' Day Convention in Chicago.

In Message To The Blackman in America, pages 56-57, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote: “As a people we must become producers, and not remain consumers and employees. We must be able to extract raw materials from the earth, and manufacture them into something useful for ourselves. This would create jobs in production. We must remember that without land there is no production. The surplus of what we produce we would sell. This would develop a field of commerce and trade as other free and independent people whose population is less than that of the 20 million so-called Negroes who are dependent in America.” It is nearly 50 million of us today.

Further on in Message To The Blackman in America (page 174), the Honorable Elijah Muhammad invites us in The Economic Blueprint to practice 5 fundamental principles: "1. Recognize the necessity for unity and group operation (activities). 2. Pool your resources, physically as well as financially. 3. Stop wanton criticisms of everything that is black-owned and black-operated. 4. Keep in mind -- jealousy destroys from within. 5. Observe the operations of the white man. He is successful. He makes no excuses for his failures. He works hard in a collective manner. You do the same."

No "deep" explanation or interpretation is needed from me on his words. It is simple and plain and can bear tremendous fruit if we would only take another look at what this man has been teaching and continues to teach through Minister Farrakhan.

If you're tired of our people living in poverty and want in the midst of plenty, how about supporting the $10 Million Saviours' Day Gift Campaign? You may not have a million dollar check (although some may), but if we pool our dollars together we can reach the goal together!

Let's do something for ourselves. Pitch in $1, $5, $10, $20 or more @ https://tnp.noi.org/sddonations?id=379&name=Jesse

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