The Power of Effective Protesting! Boycott results in a new Black-owned gas station in Dallas community

Student Minister Jeffery Muhammad

(Blogger's Note: A year ago, I posted a blog about the "Don't Stop, Don't Shop" boycott that was taking place in Dallas, Texas, spearheaded by Nation of Islam Student Minister Jeffery Muhammad along with a coalition of Black leaders. This is the latest update. Victory!)

by Jihad Hassan Muhammad

DALLAS (FinalCall.com) - If you were anywhere near South Dallas about a year ago you would be familiar with the term “Don’t Stop, Don’t Shop.” It related to spending hard-earned Black dollars with the Korean owner Thomas Pak at his Diamond Shamrock gas station located on Martin Luther King Blvd.

Mr. Pak’s actions, which activists said had been disrespectful and extremely combative in dealing with the Black community for years culminated in a December of 2011 confrontation with Jeffery Muhammad, the Dallas representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

The N.O.I. student minister of Muhammad Mosque No. 48 says he was told “go back to Africa,” called a monkey, a slave, and a “broke a-- n----r” by Mr. Pak after questions about minimum purchase requirements at the gas station. Don’t Stop Don’t Shop protests garnered attention from high ranking officials in Dallas and throughout the country.

Everyone from Mayor Mike Rawlings, to members of the U.S. Justice Dept. were interested in the outcome of the protest and how it would affect Black-Korean relations. Many in the Black community shared displeasure with the Korean businessman’s disrespect. Arthur Carpenter, a Dallas resident, said he was disrespected and beaten unconscious by the store owner, suffering a concussion and brain injury. Another area resident, Fred Murphy, said, “I have seen them throw water on young girls, and take out sticks to beat people with it; they are very disrespectful to anybody that walks in there.”

 In December 2011, Mr. Muhammad said, “We want an end to the mistreating, and price gouging in our community. We want an end to them imposing minimum purchase requirements on debit cards in our own community. We are saying to our people, as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has instructed us to do, that we need to pool our resources and open up businesses in our own community. We must own where we live.”

His words did not go unheeded as Dr. Sherwin Allen, an educator and regional businessman, heard him loud and clear. Dr. Allen purchased a Shamrock gas station minutes away from the Korean-owned station. [READ MORE]


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