The True Definition of A Fighter: Prayers and Positive Energy For Brother Reuben "Realthots" Muhammad As He Battles Pancreatic Cancer

(Brother Reuben with his three sons)

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

Dear Blog Readers: A wonderful brother, father, friend, community servant and mentor, Reuben "Realthots" Muhammad, is in need of your prayers and positive energy. He has been in a serious bout with pancreatic cancer since April 11, 2012 and it has now entered Stage 4. I have known him since I was in the 9th grade and the word "quit" has never been in his vocabulary. He's remaining positive! Via his Facebook posts, he has garnered global support and love!!!

In a January 11th Facebook post, he wrote:

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all who have supported me since April 11, 2012 in this medical trial that has been life altering. After 7 medical procedures to major sugeries the doctors say they can't offer any services beyond pain management to remove the mass which now is considered Stage 4. So it is Allah (God), Myself, My Family, Team Reuben and ALL of YOU (yes some are Team Reuben too) vs this beast labeled a pancreatic cancer mass/tumor. *Really its been this way from day one* So I thank you for the visits (home and/or hospital), text messages, fruit baskets, cards, $ donations, gifts, pictures, smiles, flowers, massages, inspirational notes and other sweet somethings too long to list. These gestures have invigorated me to pray, fight, dig in deep pulling out my GOD force and re-energize to keep pushing. So as WE continue to fight I thank you in advance for all that we do to inspire and empower each other. Muhammad doesn't fight 1:1 so Mr. Pancreatic Cancer, lace your boots up because we're going to round 10. 

Then on January 12th, he posted: 

Have no doubts, I AM FAITHFUL and by no means on a death march........I will continue to embrace MY BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE! I continue to love life, persevere through difficulty, laugh with tears during the pain and cherish the entire experience of this beautiful struggle. No fears, no quitting and no negative energy around my atmosphere.... I AM NOT DEAD. I AM NOT ON A DEATH STROLL. I AM NOT AFRAID of DEATH. I AM LIVING. I AM A GIVER of LIFE. I AM LIFE in the SHADOW of DEATH

A international fast is taking place for Brother Reuben on Tuesday, January 15. People plan to not drink or eat from sunrise until sundown and pray for his healing. We Love You Brother Reuben! The fight is NOT over! You're already the winner.

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  1. Keep fighting Brother Reuben. I'm praying and fasting for you as well. May Allah heal all of your wounds and grant great success with your health. To Allah Be The Glory! Smile :D


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