[VIDEO] Minister Farrakhan discusses Django Unchained, Tyler Perry, President Obama and More In Exclusive 2013 Interview

In a wide-ranging year end interview, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan offered analysis of the year that was and insight into what is to come in 2013. Topics included: Barack Obama, the movie, Django Unchained, recent school shootings and more. Minister Farrakhan also announced an historic 52-week series of messages, “The Time and What Must Be Done,” beginning Jan. 12 via Internet, cable tv, radio and MP3/DVD.

On Tyler Perry: “I have never seen his portrayal of ‘Madea’ as a man cross-dressing. I saw his wonderful portrayal of Madea as bringing to the forefront the strongest person in the history of our sojourn in America, and that is Madea. That strong, Black woman who was the cornerstone of her family. She always was that figure that guidance of correction, reprimand, discipline, and Tyler Perry brought her to the screen in funny ways, but what I was seeing was the greatness of the strong, Black woman who saw us through, from yesterday until today. When you look at Tyler Perry’s movies, you see the brilliance of T.D. Jakes, a spiritual giant. You see the majesty of human problems acted out. So you could sit in the theater and see yourself in your madness, in your gladness, in your goodness, in your evil, then come out of that experience, for a $15 ticket and some popcorn, and say, ‘Wow, I feel better.’ So this New Year is a shout-out to the giant called Tyler Perry. A spiritual giant, a magnificent human being, and I pray that this year his art, his greatness, will shine even more in healing our people through mass projection of drama through films and plays.”

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On Black women: "I didn’t have a father in my house. My mother was strong enough to be anybody’s father. We’ve got strong Black women, but if they sit around watching stupid television, if they watch that which makes them feel that their power is in sex, rather than in the brilliance of their minds and their spiritual connection to God, that was Madea. That was grandma. That was the hands of grandma, that helped the children who produced children who rocked that cradle well. So Black women need to stop thinking that you necessarily need a weak man in your house…You’re strong enough to make a man. My mother was and all she had was God and his Christ as a Christian woman and the discipline that she put on me and brother. and I didn’t turn out too bad for Black people. That may have been a helluva thing to the enemy of Black people. Thank you, mom."

On 52-Week Broadcast: “We intend for the next 52 weeks to deal with the subject that was given by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, The Time and What Must Be Done. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad finished his time among us with a series of lectures called the Theology of Time. And we in this time want our people to understand that time is the yardstick that judges our actions....It’s time now for the Black man and woman to realize it’s on us to make a future for ourselves, and our children and our unborn generations. And I will be doing everything I can in this year to provide that guidance but I am telling you as the Qur’an says, ‘By the time surely man is in loss, except those who believe and do good and enjoin one another to truth and enjoin one another to patience.’ The time will judge our actions and if our actions are not correspondent to the time we will continue down the road of intense regret over great loss."

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