Warren Ballentine Indictment: Why The Community Should Not Be Too Quick To Judge

(Source: BeanSoupTimes.com) National radio talk show host Warren Ballentine has been indicted for allegedly defrauding lenders out of nearly $10 million.

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago, where the alleged fraud took place, announced the charges against Ballentine on Monday. The 41-year-old is accused conspiring with others to secure more than two dozen fraudulent mortgage loans. The six-count federal indictment includes charges of bank and wire fraud. Each count carries a maximum prison term of 30 years.

The indictment also seeks the forfeiture of nearly $10 million. Ballentine's arraignment is set for Feb. 5. Given Ballentine's advocacy in the Black community, the community should not be so quick to respond to this indictment until all the facts are presented. [READ MORE]


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