WATCH: Filmmaker Stacey Muhammad releases first episode in web series, “REDEMPTION, For Colored Boys”

By Brother Jesse Muhammad

Earlier today I was scrolling through tweets from those whom I follow and came across one from one of my favorite indie filmmakers, Stacey Muhammad.

She has released her latest web series, REDEMPTION, For Colored Boys, Season 1, Episode 1 on YouTube after taking it on the film festival circuit last year. Interestingly, today (January 8), marks the exact date, four years ago that I first highlighted this New Orleans native jewel on my blog. She hasn’t slowed down since.

In this first episode of REDEMPTION, For Colored Boys, Benjamin Boyd Sr. (Rob Morgan) returns home after years of being on lockdown. He’s determined to reclaim his family by rekindling the complicated love between him and his wife. At the same time he’s making the seemingly insurmountable attempt to step back in as a father to his teenage daughter and 20-year-old son, E (played by Julito McCullum).

But the dynamics aren’t the same. I had the honor of being granted a private online screening of REDEMPTION, For Colored Boys. Stacey masterfully pierces an aspect of Black life in just 12:06 minutes in a way that makes you become the characters. I felt the pain of the father, the mother, the daughter and especially the son. It was greatly touching and of course I had planned to profile it on my blog. However, the filmmaker, ahem, was too busy for me to catch up with her to do the interview. (Trust me she will smile when she reads that last sentence)

So it is with great excitement I am sharing with my blog readers, REDEMPTION, For Colored Boys, Season 1, Episode 1. Before you click play, let me give you a heads up that yes it has some profanity and since I rarely ever post videos with that type of language on my blog, you can rest assure it will be well worth it. (smile)

After you watch it, be sure to support indie filmmakers like Stacey Muhammad. Her skillset is invaluable. Donate to her efforts by visiting @ http://www.staceymuhammad.com.

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