Conclave Collapse? Minister Louis Farrakhan tweets about the Resignation of the Pope of Rome in #AskFarrakhan chat

(Blogger's Note: During a February 20, 2013, #AskFarrakhan chat on Twitter, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan tweeted the following responses to questions related to Christopher Dorner, The Pope of Rome’s resignation, Lil Wayne’s controversial lyrics on Emmett Till and more.) 

Twitter Question: Does The Pope stepping down have anything to do with your revelation of ‘The Time and What Must Be Done’? 

Minister Farrakhan: I cannot answer that definitively, but there is reason for what The Pope has done. And I am sure, over time, that reason will become manifest.

Twitter Question: In light of The Pope’s resignation, did your vision of The Pope that you had many years ago come to your mind? 

Minister Farrakhan: Yes, my out-of-body experience with The Pope of Rome did come to mind. And we are witnessing the fall of all things in this world that are False, and the rise of all things in this world that are rooted in Truth.

Twitter Question: What insight do you see in the entire Christopher Dorner saga? 

Minister Farrakhan: Christopher Dorner is a sign of dissatisfaction of Black and Brown inside police stations across this country; who witness the mistreatment of those who are being detained for trial, or, convicted. The whole internal affairs of police departments across this nation have to be checked! Because more revolt will come if it is not changed.

Twitter Question: How do you feel about the lyrics by rapper Lil’ Wayne in relation to Emmett Till? And how should we handle this? 

Minister Farrakhan: I think our little brother is in error, and we have nothing to do but point out error or mistake, and allow brother to correct his path. And may God bless him to see that Emmett Till’s life and death was utilized by God to make known the evil that is being carried out, and was carried out, against our people. His life should be honored by all of us!

Twitter Question: Do you think you had a small hand in President Obama finally visiting Chicago? And are you satisfied with what he said and did while he was there? 

Minister Farrakhan: I am pleased that our brother came home; if God pleases, after this four years, Chicago may still be his home. And we pray that during these next four years we can work together to make Chicago a safer place for all who live within it.

Twitter Question: Dr. Cornel West gave his opinion on President Obama using Dr. King’s Bible during the inauguration. I would like to know: What’s your thoughts about him using that Bible? 

Minister Farrakhan: My thoughts are that anyone who puts their hand on the Bible to take an oath—and then violates The Moral Teachings of that Book—is a Hypocrite. All politicians: If you’re going to take your oath on a scripture that gives you Moral Guidance, then you should follow what you put your hand on! Otherwise, don’t use it at all.

Twitter Question: Brother Minister, Ruby Dee narrated the film Betty & Coretta, and it is known that she is close to Malcolm X. I wanted to know: Have you reached out to her? 

Minister Farrakhan: The focus of the movie was not the narrator, it was the actors who played “Betty” and “Coretta.” And the words of condemnation of myself did not come out of the narrator’s mouth, but out of the mouth of Mary J. Blige as she played “Sister Betty”. So it was necessary for me to take Mary J. Blige out of the “line of fire” of overzealous followers of mine, or The Enemy himself. My love and respect for Ruby Dee remains the same.

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