(More Photos) Minister Louis Farrakhan closes out visit to Belize with address at The Bird's Isle and heads to The Bahamas

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's tour stop in Belize came to a close on March 9. In a previous blog, I wrote that he would be speaking at Central Prison there on March 7. That touching message took place before 1,600 inmates.

At the conclusion of the message, one inmate shared with Minister Farrakhan the circumstances in which she killed her husband, who raped her child. Minister Farrakhan brought her up on stage and said, "When a man violates a child or a woman and takes from her what she does not wish to give. In our world that is punishable by death. She is going back to court this month for her appeal. I pray that god will touch the heart of any judge that hears her cry. The nature of the female is to protect, defend and give her life for the protection of her children. May I know who the judge is and I will write a letter to the judge on your behalf and may God bless you and bring you back home to your children. It is my honor to meet you. I heard you loud and clear, thank you.

He closed out Thursday with an interview on the Belize Watch TV Show. On March 8, according to a press release, he held a press conference that morning and addressed Muslims at Jummah Prayer in the afternoon.

Later that evening he headlined a packed rally at The Bird's Isle. This was his first time speaking there since 1986. In his opening words, he shared thoughts on the late Comandante Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela.

"Hugo Chávez was a great, great patriarch, and a great servant of the masses of the people. He was so strong in his desire for the masses of the people of Venezuela, to partake of the wealth of Venezuela, that he earned the wrath of the oligarchs who ruled Venezuela, and the government of the United States of America, and others, who seem to be negative whenever somebody rises for the mass poor of the nations. Hugo Chávez is a man that comes once, maybe, in a 100 years," he said. [Read the full statement]

"Immature people cannot handle opposition. When someone criticizes you, you see them as your enemy, but they could be your best friend," he said. "It's time for us to rise from this condition and take our place in the Sun...Unifying is not easy, but it's doable. When you are united you can make a difference. The future of Belize depends on how we think about one another."

I personally thank Brother Nuri Muhammad, who organized Minister Farrakhan visit to Belize, for all of those in the delegation accompanying Minister Farrakhan! Thank you!!!! It was a blessing to be able to view and listen to just about all of the messages via Internet.

On March 9, Minister Farrakhan arrived in Nassau, Bahamas....not for a vacation, but to continue his global mission.

More updates coming soon!

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