(Photos) Minister Louis Farrakhan embraced by the people of Belize after a 27 year absence. "The oppressive power that keeps Belize down, they're on their way out!"

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

For the first time in 27 years, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has returned to Belize for a 6-day tour stop. He was expected to visit there back in December, but an illness brought his Caribbean Tour to an early halt just when he was set to go to Belize.

It was reported that the people of Belize were greatly disappointed. However, Minister Farrakhan is now making his word bond and has been maximizing his time there thus far,

Before Minister Farrakhan’s March 4th arrival, lead organizer Nuri Muhammad, a longtime member of the Nation of Islam, told the media, “When he was here years ago, he spoke about empowering ourselves and the importance of taking charge. You are an independent country, but independence doesn’t mean you are just politically independent. It means that you must behave as independent people in charge of all of your affairs. Your land must develop; your people must develop; your industry must develop. So it may be some hard talk and people may be slightly taken aback of his speaking that way, but I think it is because he’s had experience of talking to people over fifty-seven years in this work and he has been particularly talking to people in the Caribbean; talking about the fact that in our societies we are looking at sixty-five percent of our young people and are we preparing our young people to become stronger leaders, more proactive and skill leaders in the challenges that face them in Belize.”

According to a press release sent out by Nuri Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan held a press briefing with the local and international media corps upon his arrival and then traveled to Belize City with full police escort where he was to meet with the Acting Prime Minister of Belize.

On March 5, he did an early morning KREM television interview with Evan Mose Hyde and Sharon Marin of 'Wake Up Belize Morning Vibes' Show. The segment covered various issues focused on the need for change and unity among the people of Belize. The message was broadcasted live on FinalCall.com, which allowed the entire world to watch.

“The oppressive power that keeps Belize down, they're on their way out,” said Min. Farrakhan. “When you pray you must get up and act on the words of your prayer...The future is not in the hands of government. The future is in our hands if we seize it and go to work.”

Following the interview, he went over to the Library of African and Indian Studies to address more people. “Britain wants a perpetual slave. The only way to make a perpetual slave is to put your thoughts in their minds…The enemy of us all is always happy to see us divided,” he said. During a moment of laughter, one of the women asked him how he looks so good at the age of 79 years. He responded with a smile, “We are products of how we think and what we eat.”

Later that afternoon, community activists packed The University of West Indies (UWI) School of Continuing Studies to hear him speak on “Participatory Democracy.” Once again the message was broadcasted globally and he didn’t shy away from speaking the truth.

"So an activist today is a valuable person, for the future of the country. But activists must not just be activists, because you don't like this one or that one. We must be activists for something bigger than ourselves. And the biggest thing in Belize is Belize itself. And when we love Belize, more than we love our party, more than we love the personality of the person for whom we are voting, then our interest is not in what you say. Our interest is in what you do,” he said. “Every citizen has a right to a voice in Participatory Democracy. How strong is your voice to bring about a change that you desire?...Democracy in America is now stagnant because partisan politics is sentencing America to political death.”

On March 6, young people filled the gymnasium at The University of Belize to hear Minister Farrakhan speak on "The Role of Students in a Developing Belize." He masterfully touched on finding one’s purpose, true education and taking on the attitude of a master.

“Life, the scripture says, is like a vapor; it appears for a short time and then it vanishes. So what do we do with the life that we have and the time that we are sharing together on this earth?  I’m going to start by saying that if you look at yourselves, there are no two human beings exactly alike.  Even though some of you might be identical twins, you are still not the same,” he said. “If there are no two blades of grass alike, no two snowflakes alike, no two raindrops alike, no two human beings alike then each one of you is unique and matchless and this is your time on this earth to do something during your lifetime that you will give your future, that will come from you, a better world than the world that you came into.”

“When you discover your purpose and you're blessed to be fulfilling your purpose, that's not work. That's a labor of love! May God bless everyone to find and fulfill your purpose. Go after life with the mindset, "Ye are all gods, children of the Most High God," he encouraged. “Stop worrying about your color and start worrying about your character and the development of your inner being.”

Following that address, his delegation toured the Mennonite Community of Spanish Lookout to gain insight into their production and packaging of corn and beans. According to Nuri Muhammad, “It is a first because the Mennonite themselves told me that this is not something that they would do normally. But since they understand the great interest that Minister Farrakhan has in applauding their great work in turning jungle into a productive functional society over just a little over fifty years. It is something that he wants to see and witness and affirm and acknowledge and congratulate the leaders of the Mennonite community.”

On March 7, Minister Farrakhan was scheduled to address inmates and staff at Central prison and then will do another interview on Belize TV Watch station at 8pm. 

Friday, March 8 will include a morning press conference, an appearance at Jummah Prayer and the main tour-ending event at Bird’s Isle at 6pm. For more information on live broadcasts, continue to visit this Final Call link: http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/World_News_3/article_9660.shtml

FACT: You will catch a charley horse, trying to keep up with the 79-years-young Minister Farrakhan! LOL!

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