Venezuela Official Announcement: President and Revolutionary Giant Hugo Chavez dies

VP Nicolas Maduro: "In the spirit of Hugo Chavez, we will raise the greatest strengths of this country.."

Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro announced on Tuesday March, 5, 2013 that President Hugo Chavez died after battling a tough illness for nearly two years. Maduro made the announcement on national radio and television from the Military Hospital "Carlos Arvelo" in Caracas, and said the government has planned a deployment of the armed forces to guarantee peace and security in the country. [Read More]

In 2006, Hugo Chavez called George W. Bush "the devil" during a U.N. speech, but Kanye West's words, "Bush doesn't care about Black people," got more publicity. Hugo Chavez was not loved by America, thus he was on the right side of history. Salute!


  1. A good guy for his people. A man who stood firm with his principles and directed the nation towards a healthy economy while confront the capitalist nations. Sure he will be deeply missed by his nation.

  2. His death is a irreparable loss. Besides being a good leader, he was generous with all the countries in this continent that needed him. May his soul rest in peace.


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