A Family and Community In Search of Answers: Who Killed Black Teen Kendrick Johnson in Valdosta, Georgia?

(Protester in seeking justice for Kendrick Johnson. Image: Facebook.com/RIPKendrickJohnson)

by Jesse Muhammad

Have you heard about the strange death of Black teen Kendrick Johnson in Valdosta, GA? I admit, I hadn't until someone emailed me about it. Then I was surfing social media and saw an image of Emmett Till and one reportedly of Kendrick running across my Facebook feed. So, I decided to Google further.

According to one report:

"The story of Kendrick Johnson is finally starting to be seen by the public eye, even if it’s three full months after the 17 year old was found dead at Lowndes High School, where he attended in Georgia. On Janurary 11th, Johnson was found dead in the high school’s gymnasium, rolled up inside wrestling mats and his face heavily swollen as if beaten. He also had lacerations on his face and on other parts of his body. The local Sheriff’s investigators have said that they believe Johnson fell into the mats and wasn’t able to get out, and they ruled the death an accident. The investigators clearly wanted to close the case and move on, but the family of Kendrick Johnson has pressed on for answers." [Read More]

Image: Facebook.com/RIPKendrickJohnson)

I felt this is definitely something worth sharing, so I tweeted about it immediately. Then I came across the official "R.I.P. Kendrick Johnson" Facebook page for the movement and also an online petition. Looks like there has been several rallies, vigils and protests the past month in Valdosta. Let's stay vigilante and support the Johnson family however we can. Start today by sharing the story.

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