Mustapha Farrakhan and The Protection of A National Asset

Demetric Muhammad
by Demetric Muhammad
Minister Farrakhan’s life is of extreme value and must be protected!
There are forces within America who would love to assassinate the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  Minister Farrakhan’s wide and far reaching influence and impact far exceeds any Black leader of the past and far exceeds what was enjoyed by any of the former prophets in their life time.  This fact speaks to the reality that Minister Louis Farrakhan exists as simultaneously the culmination and fulfillment of what was expected from both the secular and the sacred traditions. The secular prophets like Garvey, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. etc. wanted freedom, justice and equality.  The sacred prophets like Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad wanted to bring about the oneness between God and man.  They all were change agents who found themselves situated within corrupt governments who held in various forms of captivity, the masses of the people.  Both the secular prophets and the sacred prophets could be characterized as voices of dissent.  And so is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.
Within Minister Farrakhan the forces of both social and spiritual change converge.  He represents this phenomenal nexus. Minister Farrakhan’s unique and unmatched stature is characterized by a balance of one who speaks truth to power, and rages against the machine of injustice, with one who is a sensitive spiritual teacher who transcends artificial barriers of class, race and religion. 
As a result he has been both loved and hated.  Those who love and admire him are drawn to a man who is both the rational revolutionary and the militant preacher who weaponizes the word of God to destroy the ease with which the wicked rulers deceive the masses.  Succinctly put, it becomes difficult to lie and deceive the masses, with Farrakhan on scene.  And since un-told sums of wealth are made on the basis of grand deceptions of the ignorant masses, Farrakhan, the truth teller, is hated.
Nation of Islam Student Supreme Captain Mustapha Muhammad pictured with youth
Those who hate him seek to destroy him.  The Minister’s enemies today, were Malcolm X’s enemies yesterday.  They were Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s enemies yesterday.  They were the enemies of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. They were the same enemies of Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells and Fannie Lou Hamer.  They seek to take his life, but Mustapha Farrakhan has always stood in their way.  The handsome, articulate and athletic son of Minister Farrakhan and Mother Khadijah Farrakhan was born equipped with all of the tools to be successful in any field he chose.  But he chose to devote his life to the protection of his father, Black America’s perennial gallant strong man and last hope-Minister Louis Farrakhan.  In fact there is hardly any public speech made by Minister Farrakhan during the past 36 years where brother Mustapha cannot be seen posted as a sharp-eyed sentinel always within arms-length of his father.  Most of the world was formally introduced to him during his soul-stirring introduction of his father at the Million Man March.
Now reports circulate of a state of Illinois investigation of Mustapha Farrakhan’s use of a Harvey, Illinois police car to help provide security for Minister Farrakhan.
This investigation is framed to suggest corruption, malfeasance and deceit.  But, if we “cut to the chase,” we understand that the real issue is that Minister Farrakhan is being afforded security and protection, which makes it difficult for his enemies to assassinate him like they have done to other leaders of his kind in the past.  The investigations suggest that there is something strange about a public-private partnership to safeguard and protect the life of a global dignitary.  Public-private partnerships are used to build arenas, coliseums, to develop real estate and to do all manner of projects deemed to be in the best interest of the public. 

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