Using Google Hangout: Speaking To Students In The Harlem Education Action Fund After-School Program

On April 4, I had the opportunity to speak to students in Harlem, New York via Google Hangout! This was my first time using it and it was fun. At the invite of instructors Sis. Vivian and Bro. Maurice, I spoke to the students in the Harlem Education Action Fund After-School Program for a hour on media literacy and fielded numerous questions.

Following the session, Sis. Vivian posted this on my Facebook page: "Thank you so much Brother Jesse!! The students were captivated by what you shared with them today... I could tell they were listening carefully to your words because I don't think I've ever seen them as well behaved and disciplined while in a co-ed setting as they were today. Thank you again so very much!"

I plan to use Google Hangout more often now!


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