Wisdom, Wealth, Power: Dr. Boyce Watkins and Minister Farrakhan host forum on economics, family and proper education

CHICAGO (Source: FinalCall.com) - Dr. Boyce Watkins opened the forum on economics, education and family by offering a stark tale of conditions faced by Black America and what was at stake. He recounted his daughter sharing sad news: A 3 year old had died when a teenager unloaded a gun into a home following an argument.

“Just a few years ago that 19 year old killer was also an innocent, sweet, loving 3, 4 year old child. He could have been anything, but guess what happened? When that child reached out to the world to give him love, we did nothing but fed him hate, when he was looking for someone to guide him, we abandoned him,” said Dr. Watkins.

“He was made in America, he was created by us, all of us, because the adults around him did not grab on that boy and teach him what he needed to know to be an asset to his community and not a liability. Understand this, that when we choose to act or not to act, there will be an impact there will be a consequence,” he said.

Changing thought and action was the theme of the “Wealth, Education, Family & Community: A New Paradigm For Black America,” which is part of his empowerment series planned for 30 cities. The point of the March 30 session was to discuss joint action to promote economic unity with a social conscience and a social impact with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, as the featured speaker. The Nation of Islam minister supported the ideas and program of Dr. Watkins, but started from a different place: “Wealth does not start from access to material things, wealth starts with your possession of knowledge,” Min. Farrakhan explained.

It is proper knowledge that leads to productive, independent activity to create wealth, knowledge the enemy has never provided, he added.

...Asked by the audience how the power of corporations can be broken and wealth built, Min. Farrakhan said Blacks should come together to form a counterbalance. “One person can’t do it. But that corporate body has to meet a corporate body, not necessarily a corporation, but people cooperating because they have a common need and a common destiny and a common history,” he said.

Simply patronizing Black entrepreneurs will mean more success and more hiring, the Minister noted.

Just six cents of every Black dollar is spent in Black businesses but if that was doubled to 12 cents, it would create nearly 600,000 additional jobs for Black workers and reduce Black employment by three percentage points, he said.

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad asked Blacks to put away five cents a day in a common treasury, and with 16 million working Blacks giving 35 cents a week, in one year over $290 million would be accumulated, Min. Farrakhan noted. [READ MORE]


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