80 Years of Grace: Celebrating the birth anniversary of Minister Louis Farrakhan

CHICAGO (FinalCall.com) - The phrase “party with a purpose” took on a whole new meaning as the Nation of Islam gathered to celebrate the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s 80th birth anniversary on May 11.

The highlight of the weekend-long event was a highly exclusive preview of the documentary chronicling Minister Farrakhan’s life and music. 

The approximately 2-1/2 hour long documentary was executive produced by his eldest son Joshua Farrakhan. Michael Amir Muhammad was the director. And Jaami Muhammad, Jihad F. Muhammad and Elijah “EK” Karriem helped produce the film. It strategically and skillfully showcases a fact that still shocks many when they learn it:  Minister Farrakhan is a master classical violinist.

Minister Farrakhan expressed he just wanted to give something on his birthday in the gift of his music that would help show the universality of his message, that people often hear in word, but not in his music.
Past and present occurrences evidence that people all over the world love Minister Farrakhan and seek his guidance.  

That includes not just his followers in the Nation of Islam, or Black people, or people of color, ignoring age-old and outdated claims by his enemies and the enemies of God, that he is a racist. 

Some came with ease and others of these such people came on lean and broke down camels, in efforts of tremendous sacrifice, to honor the day he was born and enjoy events of the historical occasion. Christians, Muslims, Jews, White, Black, rich and poor, educated and the so-called unlearned descended on Mosque Maryam, the Nation of Islam’s National Center for the occasion.

Many of their gifts lay in their heartfelt remarks about how Minister Farrakhan has touched their lives.  Gifts came in the form of music and song by artist Zzaje and Rev. Mitty Collier and Norman 3X Butler.  One came in the form of a poem by Harold Power, a powerful spoken word artist and also brother to Nation of Islam Student National Secretary Berve Muhammad. 

“So many people gave cards and kind words, which I deeply appreciate, but I did not want anything on this day,” Minister Farrakhan in a hushed tone.  He’d intended to be in solitude and meditation and reflection, he shared.

He was the gift-giver that day. His offering was not a secret.  People knew he was sharing a documentary.   But, the magnitude, significance and impact of his gift rendered his guests speechless and it took them through an array of emotions high, low and everything in between, according to their feedback given to The Final Call and displayed in presentations after the viewing. [READ MORE]

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