Minister Farrakhan addresses Detroit City Council: "Rule in righteousness..Then the city will live again.”

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

If you've been following the news the last few years, Detroit has undergone some serious turmoil. It's so bad that some people are now calling it "Ghost Town" versus "Mo Town" because of the sharp decrease in the population.

Recently, a beacon of light spoke in the city on May 16 and 17, in hopes of revitalizing the Black community to fight for their hometown. That beacon of light was the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I had the opportunity to watch several of his messages there via the Internet and this one below is from May 17 at the Detroit City Council. That is the same city where The Nation of Islam in the West was born.

But we come back at a time of intense darkness. We come back at a time when there’s great despair among the inhabitants of the city of Detroit. We come back at a time when the footprints of black people and white people in Detroit is shrinking," said Minister Farrakhan.

He also emphasized, “I charge the leadership with not being enemies of division, following ego and self-gratification – thinking there’s something bigger in the world than yourself. And those who love graft and corruption, who would rob from the treasury to enrich yourself, you can’t take it with you. A heart attack in your office and the undertaker will put you 6 feet in the ground. You can’t take the mansion that you were stealin’ for to get. You can’t take the riches that you lied and stole for. All you get is a little piece of land! And Solomon said all of this is vanity.”

“Don’t rule in stupidity, rule in corruption, rule in wickedness, rule in weakness, rule in vanity. Rule in righteousness, then the city will live again," he said. “A thief cannot be trusted and those of you who like money, and you would rob yourself and the future of your people for a few dollars should be ashamed of yourself.”

“You got to have a fighting spirit for life!...You can’t just lay down and die!”

....Click below and watch the entire message.

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