Nation of Islam Twitter Army Getting the Truth Trending with #TheTime

By Jesse Muhammad

(FinalCall.com) - Depending on what time of the day you’re on Twitter, you’re subject to see all kinds of madness become trending topics. There have also been some global revolutionary causes trending as well with the use of hashtags.

A trending topic on Twitter can result from a particular word, phrase, show or event that is heavily used or discussed by a concentrated amount of persons during a particular time interval. The most popular topics will appear in the “Trending Topic” section on the homepage.

A hashtag is a phrase prefixed with a “#” sign and allows users to group posts together by topic; making it easy to follow and search Twitter for a particular interest, discussion or event.

Since embarking upon his new 52-week lecture series, “The Time and What Must Be Done,” the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has called on the youth, Student Ministers and Believers of the Nation of Islam to use Twitter and Facebook to create intelligent dialogue centered on his hour-long broadcasts.

In Part 16 of the series, which aired on April 27, Minister Farrakhan said, “To all of our ministers of The Nation:  I want you to get on the social media, since you are the students in The Ministry!  And I want you to engage the people who call; no matter what argument they put up, engage with them intelligently.  And, as God has given you the best arguments in The Qur’an, then argue in the best manner—and always with justice.”

Coupled with the fast-typing youth and young adults, NOI student ministers from across the country and parts of the globe have responded to the call! Every Saturday evening at 6pm CST, they are logging into Twitter and live tweeting quotes from Minister Farrakhan with the hashtags #TheTime and #Farrakhan. Simultaneously they’re sharing his words on Facebook and Instagram in creative ways, such as combining attractive quotes with eye-catching imagery." 

This budding concerted effort, known in cyberspace as the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy, has resulted in #TheTime and #Farrakhan becoming national trending topics on multiple occasions on Twitter. Even non-members of the NOI have begun to join in this digital propagation of the truth.

During Parts 18 and 19, which aired May 11 and 18 respectively, thousands of tweets from the twitter troops could be seen going down Twitter timelines at a non-stop rate.  Thus, #TheTime and #Farrakhan trended nationally; surpassing some popular shows and NBA playoff games! [READ MORE]

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