The Time and What WE Must Do (Part 2): "We all have a purpose and a role to play."

Guest post by Willie Muhammad

During this blog entry about the Time and What WE Must Do, I would like to draw some lessons from the Story of Noah and the Flood. For those who may not be familiar with this story, Noah was a prophet who was ordered by God to build an Ark that would be used as a place of refuge from a great flood that He would use to wipe out a world where every inclination of its inhabitants hearts were toward evil. God asked Noah to warn everyone and to get a male and female of every living creature. Only Noah and his family (with the exception of a son) and the animals he gathered avoided the flood. As students of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we don’t take this story literally as many others do. This is not the place to go into our reasons why, I just wanted to state that fact.

As it relates to the Time and What WE Must Do as a Nation of Believers, we must understand that like each of the animals brought into the Ark, we all have a purpose and a role to play in the establishment and building of this Nation. We must realize that we have been called and missioned by God. I once heard the Honorable Louis Farrakhan say, “The answer to every problem we face in the NOI is right within the ranks.” 

With that being the case what are we waiting on? I know many have said they have been stifled by people in authority. This may be true, but there is another problem which is just as deadly. The real problem is expecting someone else to have the same passion for, and to implement an idea that Allah has placed in your heart and mind. When leadership doesn’t do it, they are accused of hindering your plans. Allah says that He created nothing without aim and purpose. With that being the case have you asked yourself, “What is your aim and purpose for being called to the Nation of Islam, and am I fulfilling my aim and my purpose?” Dear family we have no right to complain about something unless we are going to do something to change what we are complaining about. 

Lastly, what's happening to some of our pride? Some of us act and talk as if we forgot that God Himself came and has given us the solution to our and the world’s problems. Some of us in our talk and acts have become quite comfortable in finding a permanent residence on the Poor/Worst Part of the Earth. The Poor/Worst Part can represent troubling experiences we have had in the mosque with officials or other believers.

If we take time to reflect on the history, we will find that there has NEVER been a utopian atmosphere in any of our mosque/temples since the very beginning. There was drama even when the Savior Himself was present. Despite us never having this utopian atmosphere there is still plenty that can benefit our people. I close suggesting to all who take the time to read this article to go and read the following verses Galatians 4:1-7 (New Testament) and Surah 16:66 (Holy Quran). Galatians explains why we have not taken hold of our foretold inheritance, we have not matured. Surah 16, An-Nahl “the Bee” reminds us that even in the worst of situations there is still good.

In closing, always remember, that even though the Ark was far from a luxury cruise ship. It was SUFFICIENT enough to save those who obeyed the call. The same is true with this maturing baby Nation in America that has a pure drink.

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