What is The Truth About UFOs? Citizen Hearing on government secrecy, so-called UFOs yield powerful testimony

WASHINGTON (FinalCall.com) - Having the prestigious home for Americas media in the Nation’s Capitol host its conference, complete with former lawmakers, was a clear attempt by the host Paradigm Research Group and conference organizer Stephen Bassett to curb ridicule and keep focus on government secrecy and its belief that so-called UFOs are known—despite government lies and skeptics.

The Citizen Hearing On Disclosure, held here April 29 to May 3, included a former Canadian defense minister, a former astronaut, the former top Federal Aviation Administration official, a onetime Ministry of Defense official in the United Kingdom, Air Force veterans, other U.S. servicemen, and domestic and foreign pilots, scientists, researchers, authors, writers, filmmakers, and witnesses from America, England, China, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Chile and South American countries spoke.

Modeled after congressional hearings, witnesses delivered 30 hours of testimony covering a wide range of thought and concern about so-called UFOs and whether the crafts were of this world or from elsewhere. Opinions were strong on all ends—some simply wanted an explanation or investigation of things unexplained—others spoke of animal mutilations, alien crash landings and creatures from other planets under U.S. government control.

The point of agreement was the U.S. government and other governments need to share what is known about sightings and crafts and the U.S. Congress should hold hearings on a subject of interest to millions of Americans—whether their concerns are the origin of the crafts or an ever-increasing tendency to classify and deny public access to information. 

“I believe, unfortunately, that the military industrial complex is the reason—from Truman and Roosevelt, Reagan, Clinton, and Carter presidential level—that has brought us to this place, which I believe is detrimental to the universe and detrimental to our people,” said former Detroit congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick, who was among former lawmakers that conducted the hearings for the Paradigm Research Group. [READ MORE]

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