Celebrating The EXTRAordinary! Congratulations to the 2013 BlackManCan Award Winners. #BMCAwards

By Brother Jesse

I was extremely excited Sunday night! No, it was not because of Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Rather it was due to the suspense surrounding the announcement of those who won in the 2nd Annual BlackManCan Awards. The BlackManCan Awards seek to recognize the accomplishments within the community and professional arenas of Black Men and Boys who embody the definition of a positive black male image. The BlackManCan is the brainchild of Brandon Frame, whom I have known via Twitter for a few years and this brother is doing major things with our young people! Plus he's consistently countering the negative images of Black Men with POSITIVE ones!

He partnered with BlackCelebrityGiving.com and Hip-Hop Gives Back to once again celebrate the works of EXTRAordinary Black men and boys throughout the country. Who won? Check the full list here: http://tbmcawards.theblackmancan.org/winners/2013-winners/

I was blessed to win in the Journalism category in 2012 and I feel obligated to cheer on my fellow brothers, especially when we're doing good things and setting a positive example for young Black men.  Congratulations to all of the winners! You all inspired me to step my game up like Danny Green of the Spurs is doing!

Also, I want to personally applaud two of the winners, Final Call newspaper Assistant Editor Ashahed M. Muhammad (Journalism) and The People's MC Jasiri X (Entertainment). Also, congrats to Student Minister Willie Muhammad of New Orleans, who was a finalist in the Community Organizing category. I've known all of them for years and they have been an inspiration to me more than they know. Keep up the great work brothers!

Let's All Remember: When you're being an active servant of the people and your community, you can NEVER be a loser. Its always a win-win. Keep pushin!

(For more information on The BlackManCan Awards visit http://tbmcawards.theblackmancan.org/)

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