Jasper, Texas Officers Fired After Video Shows Black Woman Brutally Beaten (VIDEO)

Two Jasper police officers have been fired after a videotape showed them forcibly subduing a black woman being held at the Jasper Police Department for unpaid traffic tickets.
The May 5 incident was so severe, said Beaumont attorney David Bernsen, that the woman’s braces were knocked loose, her tooth was chipped and a “big chunk” of her hair was pulled out.
Now, attorneys for Keyarika “Shea” Diggles, 25, are considering possible legal action against the Jasper Police Department.
“They had her handcuffed on the floor, they dragged her to her cell and left her for four hours,” he said. “They violated six to eight different policies on the proper method for treating people in custody. It’s absolutely outrageous the way they treated her, and it’s indicative of the policies and procedures of the police department.” [READ MORE]

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