The scandal surrounding ‘Scandal’: "It’s only sex, lies, intrigue, infidelity, corruption and murder right?"

by Lailia Muhammad

(FinalCall.com) On social media one recent Thursday night, I as was astonished as I began to read posts and updates. I have over 3.500 Facebook friends, and as I scrolled through post after post, I read status messages that provided quotes from a TV show. 

I scrolled further down, more posts on the same thing. I was highly offended. My entire page was filled with posts, not updating me or friends and families on personal lives, the latest book read, funny jokes, pictures of meals just made, or children’s’ accomplishments. An overwhelming majority of the posts were about T.V., and one show in particular, “Scandal.”

What are we doing? What are we watching? If you are between the ages of 18-49 according to www.tvbythenumbers.com, chances are you’re tuned in to “Scandal,” which is projected to become the most-watched television series ever.

Not only are we watching it, we are tweeting about it. In recent weeks, “Scandal was listed as having the most social series with 571,353 tweets, which is its highest number this season. This is up +83% from the prior week, and Scandal has now delivered over 4.3 million tweets this season making it ABC’s most social program. Scandal outperformed the ‘American Idol’ Finale by +56% (366,061 tweets),” ABC reported in May.

According to TV Guide, more than 8 million viewers tune in Thursday nights for this pseudo soap opera centered on Olivia Pope (actress Kerry Washington), a high-powered crisis manager and Black mistress to the White president of the United States.

What’s the problem; it’s only sex, lies, intrigue, infidelity, corruption and murder right? The old adage says, “We are what we eat,” doesn’t it stand true that we are what we think and what we think about? Don’t what we watch and listen to impact our thoughts? Don’t our thoughts impact our actions? [Read Full Article]


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