Update: Body Exhumed For Second Autopsy! Who Killed Black Teen Kendrick Johnson in Valdosta, Georgia?

(Source: wctv.tv) - Before the sun came up, they started digging. The body of 17 year old Kendrick Johnson, known as KJ, was exhumed early Friday morning at Sunset Hills Cemetery in Valdosta.

Kendrick was found dead in school, in a rolled up gym mat in January. The family got permission from a judge to exhume his body. Now it's being taken to a pathologist near Orlando hired by the family for a second autopsy.

"Whatever happened, somebody has to pay. You know, it's just hard to believe that something like that can happen at a place like that and nobody knows anything," said Eddie Tooley, Kendrick's grandfather.

...The county coroner also says it took the sheriffs office six hours to contact him, when he should have been called immediately. "We hope that the autopsy results will, number one, confirm our belief that Kendrick did not die as the result of an accident. We also anticipate there may be evidence his death was a cover up," said Chevene King, attorney for the Johnson family.

There's no word yet when the results of the second autopsy might be available. The judge's order requires Kendrick's body to be returned in 30 days. [READ MORE] 

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