Yeezus? New Slaves? The People's MC Jasiri X says: "We The New Nat Turners!"

By Brother Jesse

The internet has been buzzing with Kanye's latest album reportedly leaking, weeks after he unveiled the single "New Slaves." In that song, Kanye raps "I know if we the new slaves..."

The People's MC Jasiri X, whom my loyal readers know I have highlighted on my blog more than any other artist, first responded to Kanye's song via a blog on the Black Youth Project site.

"The larger question is, now that we have this knowledge, what are we gonna do about it? Kanye’s GOOD music imprint is part of Universal Music Group, a huge corporation that also distributes Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, and many others," Jasiri wrote. "So is Kanye gonna go independent? Is he gonna stop promoting rampant materialism and consumerism, especially brands poor folks can’t come close to affording? Is he gonna start speaking out against Mass Incarceration?"

"So although I’m happy that Kanye came with some real substance on his new single, it’s not enough to just recognize we’re the “New Slaves” it’s time to get free."

Now, Jasiri has carried over that spirit into the release of his latest video "New Nat Turners." He spits: 

...Then claim God but never read scriptures 
So we worship fame because a celebrities richer 
So Jesus becomes Yeezus 
then I guess Kim Kardashian is Mary Magdalene 
And all her sins are cleansed through the camera lens 
But then again maybe I'm just rambling 
Line up these industry CEOs and let me battle them 
Show Jimmy Iovine the crime scene with his headless brethren and tell him sign these 
And when I hear sirens disconnect his neck from his spine clean 
The difference my spitting is the equivalent of using ya high beams 
All I want is you and ya mind freed the time needs

Nuff said...

Click here to watch the full video of "New Nat Turners"


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