Interview With Jay-Z At The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 [Part 2]: “Complaining does nothing. It’s a loser’s mentality."

By Brother Jesse Muhammad

On Wednesday, July 10, I listened to the show The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1. I've only heard bits and pieces of past shows, but this particular morning they interviewed someone that I actually read about: Jay-Z.

I enjoyed the hour-long interview and Jay-Z dropped some jewels. They posted it in four parts on YouTube and Part 2 is my favorite segment. 

“Complaining does nothing...It’s a loser’s mentality. Everyone’s so spoiled saying, “You won’t let me shine”, said Jay-Z. “You got to be able to compete. Steel sharpen steel. You gotta go out and earn your spot. It’s not given...It’s such a spoiled brat loser's mentality. It’s annoying.”

He was talking about the music industry in that quote, however, that applies to life period. Check out the rest of the clip!