Minister Farrakhan opens 2013 #RamadanPrayerLine: "No matter what school of thought we are from, Ramadan Mubarak!"

By Brother Jesse Muhammad

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan, the annual month of fasting and prayer for the Muslim world, started on Wednesday, the 10th of July and will continue for 30 days until Thursday the 8th of August.

For my blog readers who may have heard of Ramadan but never knew the historical context here is some small background information but please Google to learn more and ask questions to your Muslim friends. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, sexual conduct, smoking, and indulging in anything that is in excess or ill-natured; from sunrise until sunset.Fasting is meant to teach the Muslim patience, modesty and spirituality. Ramaḍān is a time to fast for the sake of Allah, and to offer more prayer than usual.

During Ramaḍān, Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evils, and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good deeds. In addition to fasting, Muslims are encouraged to read the entire Qur'an. Each day a entire section (which is 1/30 of the Qur'an) is read, therefore the entire Qur'an would be completed at the end of the month.

To those who are non-Muslims, we invite you to participate with us. We all have some form of bad habit or urge that we would like to get under control, right? Whether that is food, too much Internet, texting addiction, gossiping, lack of reading, anger or cursing, how about you use the next 30 days to master it? Fasting is powerful and we invite you to join us.

The past nine years, we have been blessed to have a global Ramadan Prayer Line wherein various speakers share words of wisdom and inspiration to listeners. On Wednesday morning the featured speaker was the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. It was an awesome message!

"Islam is being challenged by forces that hate Islam. We are suffering because we have allowed Satan to come into our ranks and put us against each other," said Min. Farrakhan. "The enemy has come among us and took our differences and turned them into mountains that we seemingly can't cross...We must not allow the enemy to put differences among us."

"Offer to each other peace and live a life of peace. We can only do that if we refrain from the doing of evil," he advised. "We will break old habits and make new ones...I say to all Muslims, no matter what school of thought we are from, Ramadan Mubarak! I pray that this Ramadan will be the greatest Ramadan of all of us; the most successful of all of us."

Listen to the full audio replay above! For more information on the Ramadan Prayer Line visit https://www.facebook.com/RamadanPrayerLine and tweet along with us with the nationally trended hashtag #RamadanPrayerLine.

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