Truth is the new trend! Minister Farrakhan trends Number 1 on Twitter

(Source: FinalCall.comTruth is the new trend! According to the Twitter rankings, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was the number one trending topic for his most recent weekly webcast of “The Time and What Must Be Done” lecture series.

The latest numbers were reported by Jesse Muhammad, who manages social media for Min. Farrakhan and The Final Call newspaper. 

“Due to the increased tweeting of members and non-members of the Nation of Islam, for the first time ever, Minister Farrakhan was the number one U.S. trending topic during his hour-long broadcast. This means that the hashtag #Farrakhan was the most actively discussed Twitter topic during that interval of time, even above the tragic crash landing at the San Francisco airport,” said Mr. Muhammad. He was referring to numbers for Saturday, July 6. The Minister delivered the 26th installment of a planned 52-week lecture series at NOI.org/thetime and the webcast airs each week at 6 p.m. CST.

According to Mr. Muhammad, the spreading of the truth was all the more impressive because it “was accomplished organically as viewers of the weekly series eagerly tweeted salient points from Part 26. Not only did the hashtag #Farrakhan trend nationally, but it was also ranked number 2 in worldwide Twitter trends. Becoming a global trending topic is sparked by people from other foreign nations joining that particular chat and creating more digital traction beyond the borders of the U.S.

“Even members of the N.O.I. in the United Kingdom, where Minister Farrakhan is banned from visiting, are staying up weekly to live tweet although it is midnight there when the broadcast starts,” he observed.

“Why is so much emphasis placed on trending topics? Because trending topics can quickly alert users about breaking news, natural disasters, television show happenings, political uprisings, etc. Twitter users take particular phrases preceded by a pound (#) symbol to categorize discussions centered on a specific topic,” Mr. Muhammad explained. [READ MORE]

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