Who will make war with the Tweets? Nation of Islam Twitter army continues to grow

by Jesse Muhammad for The Final Call

(FinalCall.com) - Under the guidance and inspiration of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, the social media wing of the Nation of Islam has continued to grow with every broadcast airing on Saturday evenings.

Viewing and live tweeting during Minister Farrakhan’s series is the highlight of the week. And engaging people with intelligent dialogue and debate in defense of him is a must.

This has further sparked offline activities in the form of social media workshops and Twitter parties hosted the past few months by youth and young adults at various NOI mosques and study groups across the country.

Nineteen old Halimah Mahmoud was invited to present at Muhammad Mosque No. 25 in Newark. “After the twitter seminar I actually found that many brothers and sisters were on Twitter but inactive, the seminar was definitely a boost to get back on!” she said.

“Saturdays are always the best. It’s as if Twitter becomes a virtual Saviours’ Day because there are so many Believers and non-Believers tweeting. I am proud to be a part of the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy and I pray Allah enhances each of us in strength, courage, and perseverance to fight for what is right until the very end!” she added

In Washington, DC, Aqueelah Muhammad, 24,  stepped up to show Believers at Muhammad Mosque No. 4 the basics of setting up a Twitter page, proper use of hashtags, online security, trending and more at multiple seminars.

 “The more we demystify Twitter the more soldiers will join the army. Education is key!” said Aqueelah Muhammad.

After concluding another semester at Prairie View A&M University, Omari Muhammad returned to Fort Worth and duplicated the efforts of his peers at Muhammad Mosque No. 52. 

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