Black community furious over Mayor Annise Parker's Stereotypical statements on "Crack Houses."

Parker continues claims she has demolished "2000 Crack Houses" in Inner City Neighborhoods 

(Source: The Houston Millions More Movement Ministry of Justice) Mayor Annise Parker says that under her administration the she has demolished over "2,000 crack houses." Over 2,0000!...crack houses?! She has spoken these words from her own mouth at political forums and even from her twitter account.

She sent out a tweet at 6:34pm on August 17th spewing this nonsense. We resent these claims and believe her words to be insulting, insensitive and careless to the black community. We challenge mayor parker to produce the addresses of over 2,000 structures that have been demolished during her administration. And furthermore, we challenge her to authenticate her claim that they were indeed "crack houses." Since she cannot do this we demand that she publicly apologize the the black community for using such racially stereotypical insulting language. And furthermore, we demand that she stop using that language, effective immediately.

Crack house-an old, often abandoned or burnt-out building in an inner-city neighborhood where drug dealers and drug users buy, sell, produce, and use illegal drugs, including, but not limited to, crack cocaine

Does mayor parker really believe that every abandoned address in the black community is or was a "crack house?" Does she really believe there are over 2,000 of them? 2,000! Does she know that "not every abandoned building is a crack house and not every crack house is an abandoned building." This is but a sign of her disrespect and obvious disregard for the black community and it's core issues. We will also discuss how the black community suffers under her leadership; from police brutality and employment, in particular. Where: Houston City Hall (near the reflection pool) Who: Black Community Activists, Leaders and Organizations What: Press Conference When: Thursday, August 29, 2013 Time: 3:00pm.

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