Houston CommunityJustUs forum puts U.S. Attorney under fire: "Is there Justice in America in the time of Trayvon Martin?"

by Durce Muhammad

Houston, Texas- The Historic S.H.A.P.E Community center was the location for a momentous town hall meeting “Is there Justice in America in the time of Trayvon Martin”. For the first time in history of the U.S Attorney’s office in this region, a sitting U.S Attorney spoke and took questions from the community. U.S Attorney Ken Magidson along with representatives of the F.B.I and his department came and fielded tough, hard hitting queries regarding policy, procedure, criteria and the status of federal civil rights cases and investigations.

The event was hosted by The CommunityJustUs Coalition. The open forum was set up to allow an opportunity for the citizens to speak and seek out answers to their questions and concerns. Krystal Muhammad, the Southern Regional Representative of the New Black Panther Party, stated that it was time for the U.S Attorney and other elected officials to come out of their white ivory towers and come hear from the citizens to whom they are suppose to represent. National Chairman of NBUF, Kofi Taharka helped set the stage by stating it was time out for certain statements such as “under investigation”, “being monitored”, “we’re looking into it”; being told to the people without having a very clear understanding of exactly what those phrases mean.

Insightful questions were raised that showed the lack of trust with the U.S justice department and the F.B.I. The history of cointelpro, the infiltration of black organizations and the unjust political exile of Assata Shakur was also brought up. As these questions were being addressed it was obvious to many in attendance, that there was a very dismissive and arrogant attitude coming from the U.S Attorney Ken Magidson. As this was pointed out by some of the questioners, tension rose in the room. The strong presence of the Nation of Islam F.O.I and a statement from Southwest Regional Student Minister Robert Muhammad brought the meeting back to its purpose of being an informative session for the community.

The room was filled to capacity and it was standing room only. There was a surprising “white out” by the local media, especially in light of the significance and magnitude of this happening. Strong community organizers such as Quannel X, Deloyd Parker, Reverend Ray Martin and others were also present. In attendance was a host of the top elected national, state and local officials. Congresspersons Sheila Jackson-Lee, Al Green, State representatives Boris Miles, Harold Dutton, Mayoral candidate Ben Hall and Judge Zinetta Burney. Also present were many candidates for the Houston city council.

For more information and pictures of the event you can go to www.communityjustus.com.

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