Enough Talk: Dee-1 releases #WalkingRevolution video to shed light on homelessness in New Orleans

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

It's been a minute since I've highlighted one of my favorite Hip-Hop artists on my blog. And now I know why. New Orleans' Dee-1 just wrapped up filming his first full length movie in Hollywood and now he's back in the studio wrapping up his next project, Psalms of David II. Movie? Is there anything this brother is not doing? He got Mission Vision for real.

This new video "Walking Revolution" shows Dee-1 lyrically at his finest while walking the streets of New Orleans to hand-deliver food to the homeless, and ultimately preparing a huge home-cooked meal for hundreds of homeless people at the end. As Dee raps, "I'm a walking revolution, not just talking revolution, this might spark a revolution, what you bout?" Like most of his songs, this is a call to action.

According to the summary on YouTube, "7 out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless. This video/set of actions was meant to shine light into the lives of these homeless individuals from New Orleans and provide a platform for this issue to gain more attention. #WalkingRevolution"

Dee-1's Psalms of David II will be available in late October. “All my music has the same purpose: entertain, motivate, and inspire,” he says. Press play and getting your movement moving...#WalkingRevolution

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