Nation of Islam conducts national townhalls on Syria; Minister Farrakhan releases full text of letter to members of Congress

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is continuing his efforts to plead with President Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress to not pursue a military strike against Syria. On Sept. 10th, the National Representative of the The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad released the full text of the letter that he sent to members of Congress. The packet he sent, according to his letter, included a transcript in e-book format of the 34th installment of his weekly series along with the link to the YouTube video.

"I am writing this letter out of a deep concern for the direction that the President and our Congress may take our Nation. There exists deep divisions within the Congress over whether this action should be taken, and if so, how far should America go in punishing the Assad Regime," wrote Min. Farrakhan in the letter dated Sept. 5.

"I am pleading with you on behalf of a war weary American people and the suffering peoples of the World; and the needs of the American people that will be further delayed in being satisfied, which will produce negative results on the inside of America creating the same kind of backlash and vitriol as we saw when the American people revolted against the war in Vietnam." [Read the full letter]

Minister Farrakhan took some by surprise when he decided to rebroadcast Part 34 of his 52-week series this past Saturday (Sept. 7th), instead of delivering a brand new message. This definitely shows how serious he is about the President, Congress, Israel and The Muslim World hearing his stern warnings. Due to the non-stop tweeting of the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy, he was a top trending topic on Twitter that evening once again; something that has occurred every Saturday since May 11.

On Sunday, Sept. 8, Minister Farrakhan had every Nation of Islam Mosque and Study Group to show Part 34 again as part of the monthly national webcast from Mosque Maryam in Chicago. Then several Student Ministers across the country engaged the audience in a live Q&A session centered around Minister Farrakhan's Syria warning. In Chicago, the panel included Student Min. Ishmael Muhammad, Student Minister Ava Muhammad, Attorney Abdul Arif Muhammad and Student Min. Abdul Muhammad. [Read More About It] 

I was in attendance at Muhammad Mosque No. 45 in Houston as Student Minister Robert Muhammad fielded numerous questions from the packed audience. One of the most interesting comments made came from a U.S. Veteran who stood up and said that everything Minister Farrakhan said "is 100 percent correct."

Minister Farrakhan is on his job and those who would like to back him, click below to see how to help spread these important warnings to President Obama, Congress, Israel and The Muslim World.

Take Action: Ways to help spread Minister Farrakhan's warning to President Obama regarding Syria

Farrakhan delivers warning against Syria military strike, sends letter to congressional leaders on errant U.S. policy 

Minister Farrakhan delivers warning to President Barack Obama regarding Syria: "Your advisors don't seem to be your friends." 

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