Photos: Minister Louis Farrakhan's Twitter Army celebrates power of social media at Tweet-Up in Tuskegee

by Ebony S. Muhammad

TUSKEGEE, Ala. (FinalCall.com) - On October 19, 2013, the Farrakhan Twitter Army, spearheaded by Brother Jesse Muhammad hosted its very first Holy Day Of Atonement 2013 Tweet Up & Appreciation Gathering in the Booker T. Washington High School gymnasium.

The purpose for this Tweet Up was to show honor and gratitude to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, the “Commander-In-Tweet” Honoree, as well as to recognize a group within the Farrakhan Twitter Army for their hard work in spreading guidance the Minister shares each week during his 52-week lecture series, “The Time and What Must Be Done.”

The program consisted of a detailed report by Jesse Muhammad on how Minister Farrakhan was introduced to Twitter and social media, as well as the impact his presence has had nationally and internationally. Since May 11, 2013, with the help of the Farrakhan Twitter Army, “The Time and What Must Be Done” has trended nationally and worldwide for 23 consecutive weeks.

Jesse Muhammad said tweets from Minister Farrakhan inspired many all over the world, and hearing from the Minister actually saved someone’s life. During “Farrakhan Fridays” on Facebook, Minister Farrakhan responded to a woman’s question regarding why her prayers have not been answered. Unbeknownst to those reading, she was contemplating suicide. However, after the reply given by the Minister, she chose life. [Read More]

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