Pre-HDOA Twitter Army Interview Series with Landra Muhammad: "It has allowed me to engage in small conversations with people from around the globe."

(Blogger's Note: We are just days away from the historic Tweet-Up in Tuskegee with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan (@LouisFarrakhan) and the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy on October 19, 2013. Out of my excitement, I decided to interview a few of the hardworking members of the Twitter Army this week. Here's my one-on-one with Landra Muhammad (@AuntieLandra), who tweets in multiple languages!)

Brother Jesse (BJ): What is your purpose for using social media? In what various ways do you use it? 

Landra Muhammad (LM): Before the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy, I used it primarily (about 80%) to keep in touch with Friends/Family and the other 20% would be sharing information such as new clips and healthy recipes, with the occasional corny joke. At this point, I think those percentages have reversed, I still share a lot of corny jokes though. (smile)

BJ: As a frequent watcher of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's weekly series, give three words that would describe what you have witnessed from him? 

LM: Prognosticating, Strength, Pansophic

BJ: What value do you see in the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy that's tweeting live every Saturday and engaging people?

LM: Using Social Media, the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy is able to reach some of those nooks and crannies that The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's time might not allow him to engage. Our tweeting is a help to the Minister with his 'assignment'. As a sidebar .. because I tweet so much in various languages, I can now look at many languages and know from the characters what language it is. Its funny that I can see the difference between Chinese and Japanese or Arabic and Urdu. I think that is pretty cool. Plus it has allowed me to engage in small conversations with people from around the globe.

BJ: Are you excited about the upcoming TweetUp in Tuskegee on Oct. 19? 

LM: WooHoo!!! Yes, I am very excited about the TweetUp. It will be a great opportunity to meet face to face other 'soldiers' on the Social Media battlefield. #Salute

(Be sure to follow Landra Muhammad on Twitter @AuntieLandra)

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