Pre-HDOA Twitter Army Interview Series with Halima Mahmoud: "Social media is a way to impact thousands of people."

(Blogger's Note: Halima Mahmoud (@Muslim_Swagg) of New Jersey will be co-emceeing the upcoming Tweet-Up in Tuskegee featuring the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan (@LouisFarrakhan) and the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy. Here's my one-on-one with her for the Pre-HDOA Twitter Army Interview Series.)

Brother Jesse (BJ): What is your purpose for using social media? In what various ways do you use it? 

Halima Mahmoud (HM): Social Media is a way to impact thousands of people by just a click of a button. What do I mean? For example on Twitter one is able to spread a simple but powerful message through the use of 140 characters. Now that’s amazing! For me, social media is a way to have my voice heard not only nationally, but globally as well. For example, I use Instagram to promote modesty. My goal is to let women all around the world know that you don’t have to conform to the ways of this world to be beautiful; actually being able to do the complete opposite emulates true beauty!

BJ: As a frequent watcher of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's weekly series, give three words that would describe what you have witnessed from him? 

HM: Wisdom, Compassion, & Sincerity.

BJ: What value do you see in the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy that's tweeting live every Saturday and engaging people? 

HM: The #FarrakhanTwitterArmy is amazing. First, it is amazing how much we grew as an army; and we continue to grow every week! Being able to tweet live and aid in impacting people not only in the United States but all over the world is so significant. Why? When the FOI or the MGT hit the field our primary focus is to spread the teachings through dialogue and with the most truthful, timely newspaper The Final Call, but now we’re able to the same thing virtually. Ahaa, the power of technology when used for the betterment of humanity is a very powerful tool. With the power of 140 characters we’re able to help in saving a life; maybe even in saving lives. Now that’s profound! When the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks on Saturdays, just being able to witness the interaction down my TL is a wonderful sight. It is an honor (and I’m extremely humbled) to be a part of the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy because it goes beyond being a Believer or Member of the Nation of Islam. In actuality, anyone who stands for Truth can be a part of this exceptional Army; and this is what makes it so unique!

BJ: Are you excited about the upcoming TweetUp in Tuskegee on Oct. 19? 

HM: I am extremely EXCITED! Actually excitement is an understatement! To be able to see brothers and sisters I tweet with every week is definitely something I’m looking forward to! I learn so much from the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy and I just want the opportunity to say Thank You! Nevertheless, I’m extremely nervous. It’s always a humbling experience to stand in front of the people of God and I’m doing my best to prepare myself spiritually, mentally, and physically!

(Be sure to follow Halima Mahmoud  on Twitter @Muslim_Swagg)

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