Pre-HDOA Twitter Army Interview Series with Abel Muhammad: "The #FarrakhanTwitterArmy is an absolutely critical method of reaching our people."

(Blogger's Note: Abel Muhammad (@AbelMuhammad) is a Student Minister in the Nation of Islam and is based in Chicago. He is one of the most engaging Student Ministers in the Twitter Army. Here's my one-on-one with him.)

Brother Jesse (BJ): What is your purpose for using social media? In what various ways do you use it? 

Abel Muhammad (AM): I use social media to help spread the message of Islam as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to as many of our people as possible. I also use it to keep up with news, connect with friends, family and believers who are in other cities/countries.

BJ: As a frequent watcher of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's weekly series, give three words that would describe what you have witnessed from him? 

AM: LOVE, Guidance, Wisdom

BJ: What value do you see in the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy that's tweeting live every Saturday and engaging people? 

AM: The #FarrakhanTwitterArmy, in my estimation, is an absolutely critical method of reaching our people with the Truth which God and His Messiah are revealing through the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The #FarrakhanTwitterArmy is reaching people in the social media community that normally would not access the Truth because they don't go to traditional sources(ie-newspaper, radio, etc) for information. The #FarrakhanTwitterArmy, using modern technology (equipment) is delivering the message from the Messenger of God (HMLF) to the masses of people on a scale that would be near impossible to reach otherwise. I'd say the work that is being done is tremendous!

BJ: Are you excited about the upcoming TweetUp in Tuskegee on Oct. 19? 

AM: I am so looking forward to the TweetUp! To be in the room with so many that have dedicated time and effort to help disseminate the message of #TheTime - it will truly be a historic day that I do not want to miss.

(Be sure to follow Abel Muhammad on Twitter @AbelMuhammad)

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