Holiday Madness: The Lies and Hypocrisy Behind Thanksgiving and Black Friday

(Source: FinalCall.com) The Holiday season, also known as the shopping season, is rolling around once again. On the surface, Thanksgiving seems to be a pretty good holiday. Black Friday is just ridiculous nonsense.

What better day than a day to give thanks to God for everything in your life? We should do that every day. Thanksgiving is a special day because the wickedly wise want to suck the economic lifeblood out of the poor and drain them of every single dime.

Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks and praise, showing gratitude, but it hides a horrific secret behind gloriousness. When the Europeans came to America, the Native Americans welcomed them. The Europeans started to multiply and began stealing land. When the Native Americans declared war, the Europeans had the advantage, guns. Later Europeans gave Native Americans blankets as gifts. Little did the natives know that these blankets were weapons in disguise and carrying the deadly smallpox disease.

Thousands of Native Americans died and thousands more died from the diseases Europeans brought to America. At the glorious first Thanksgiving feast, there were very few Native Americans present. The wickedly wise use love for family and giving thanks to God as a cover for evil done on and after that day. The natives were the reason the Europeans survived, but the Europeans turned around and deceived the Native Americans. Are we giving thanks for the thousands of Indians that suffered at the hands of pilgrims? We go from giving thanks to celebrating an all-out killing spree?

Black Friday is not an official holiday, but a lot of workers have the day off. Whether or not it is a holiday, it is a savage day. The Devil in all races comes out and people are shown for their true colors. This is probably the most brutal annual day in America. On Black Friday, the freaks come out at night and stay out until the next day! All hell breaks loose as people fight to get to sales promoted by companies and businesses like Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Sears, and a whole list of others. [Read More]

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