It's Not Over! Kendrick Johnson's parents, loved ones refuse to give up fight for justice

by Starla Muhammad

(Source: FinalCall.com) - A funny young man who sang in the shower, dreamed of playing college football and liked teasing his older sister. That is who Kendrick “K.J.” Johnson was to his family and those that knew him, said parents Kenneth and Jackie Johnson, in an exclusive telephone interview with The Final Call.

In sharing what made him so special, the couple said those memories are at the root of their efforts to seek justice in his death. “Kendrick was a nice young man. I’m not saying that just because he’s my son. We never even had any problems with Kendrick. We never had to make him do things like you have to stay on most young kids and push them and just make them do the right thing,” said Mr. Johnson in a Nov. 8 interview. Kendrick was determined to “be somebody,” he added. According to Mrs. Johnson, Kendrick had a good sense of humor. She was interviewed the same day as her husband.

“He would do little stuff just to aggravate my daughter. He’d come in from football practice or something and just go jump on her back and just make her so mad and just bust out laughing and run, have her chasing him, all kinds of little crazy stuff,” Mrs. Johnson shared.

The body of the Johnson’s youngest son was found inside upright gym mats Jan. 11 in the gymnasium at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Ga., where he was a student. Local law enforcement ruled the death accidental, a claim Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, their attorneys Chevene B. King and Benjamin Crump and others vehemently dispute. They argue Kendrick, 17, was murdered and there has been a cover up about what really happened to him. [Read More]

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