A testimony from speaking at Prairie View A&M University Philosophy Club's Leadership: "I'm inspired to step up my game."

I had the honor of spending my Wednesday, November 20 back on the campus of Prairie View A&M University! I was invited by Donnie Moreland, founder and president of the PVAMU Philosophy Club, to be a workshop presenter at their First Leadership Summit. I was prepared to do my ten minute workshop presentation, but plans changed. I ended up being asked to kicked off the summit as the keynote speaker. It was an honor to share with these young giants my experiences in being an organizer on campus during my days at PV and a few tips on Love, Proper Motives, Humility, Character and Courage. What better way to spend my time! It's always a blessing to serve.

I had to share this testimony. A student came up to me afterwards and said, "It feels good to finally here a real speaker on our campus that can actually relate to us to inspire us, instead of just trying to impress us with what they know. I'm tired of listening to phony people. I can tell from your spirit and demeanor, that you sincerely loved being here with us, you enjoy helping others and want to bring out the best in others. I'm inspired to step up my game." 

That's motivation to keep doing what we do. Praise be to Allah!

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