#FarrakhanIsBack: Farrakhan returns to weekly series with a message of guidance to President Obama on Iran peace initiative

After being absent from his weekly series for the last 8 weeks due to health challenges, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan made a triumphant return with an all-new episode for Part 48.

"I am so grateful to Allah that he brought me through these health challenges, and has returned me to my post and what is that: To deliver the message of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on "The Time and What Must Be Done," he said. "Every week's message, while I was absent, was relevant to the subject matter of this year-long broadcast entitled "The time and What Must Be Done" and his program is ever relevant in solving the critical needs and problems of our people on every level, spiritual, economic, political and social."

The title of his message was Part 1 of "Separation and Independence." It was a serious history lesson on the words of Thomas Jefferson that were removed from the original Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln's philosophy on separation and the writings of Supreme Court Justice Taney on the Dred Scott Case.

Minister Farrakhan also dealt with President Obama current troubles regarding the proposed peace initiative with Iran. "President Obama is in deep trouble. There has never been a president more disrespected in his office than President Barack Obama has been and continues to be," said Minister Farrakhan.

"Many Americans are pleased that President Obama took the initiative to call President Rohani of Iran after his speech at the United Nations, and the dialogue between President Barack Obama and President Rohani began, which ended in five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany signing an agreement that could ultimately lead to removing any fear or doubt of the Islamic Republic of Iran developing a nuclear weapon. The American people are actually war weary."

He continued, "Can America afford another war? Shouldn't we encourage the members of Congress to back President Obama and give peace a chance? Isn't dialogue for the sake of finding solutions to problems better than trying to solve problems with war and the implements of war? I would appeal to America's leaders: Give peace a chance. I would appeal to members of the Jewish community: Stop a moment, hold down your criticism of the president's effort and give his effort a chance to work. For the alternative to this is war that will lead to Armageddon, that most dreaded war, which will bring about the destruction of Israel and ultimately the destruction of America."

We were so excited about his return and the Twitter Army had the broadcast trending nationally for the 31st consecutive Saturday with the hashtag #FarrakhanIsBack! Click above to watch this full video.

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