Listen to What the Drums Say! Jasiri X releases revolutionary track in honor of Nelson Mandela

We knew it was coming. After getting the news that Nelson Mandela has made his transition, we all anticipated that Jasiri X would pen a song dedicated to one of the greatest leaders of our time. "Mandela [Listen to What the Drums Say]", was produced by Agent of Change and shot by Haute Muslim.

Jasiri spits:

Mandela 27 years in hells cellar 
But you can't jail a lyric you can't kill a spirit 
When the children hear it their hearts rise
This is much bigger than apartheid its our lives 
It only takes one match to start fires 
To light up the dark skies 
The flames keeps burning even after the spark dies 
Tell me what impact will your life have 
When your last nights pass will your light last

Check out the full song below. Salute to Jasiri X for always making meaningful music! And Rest in Power to Nelson Mandela!!

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