Stockton Mall Brawl? Paining mother continues campaign to lessen the fights and lives lost over Air Jordan sneakers

(Dazie Williams (right) wipes away tears as Deric Muhammad addresses on the local media regarding the latest Air Jordan release and Ms. Williams' Life Over Fashion campaign. Photo: Houston Chron)
Saturday, December 21st marked one year that Dazie Williams' son was murdered in Houston over Air Jordan sneakers. That same day, Nike also released a new pair. Those of you who want to support go to www.lifeoverfashion.org and sign the petition to change the dangerous way Nike markets these sneakers. Her holidays will never be the same without her son. It is the least that we can do to support her. Let's Go!

She was joined by community activist on Friday for a press conference held at the offices of the Houston Forward Times Newspaper. According to news reports, she said, "I push what I am doing so hard because I wish someone would have done this and maybe my son would be here,"

In fact, reports circulated that numerous fights took place across the country, particularly at a mall in Stockton, over the release of the new Air Jordans. A video quickly went viral and further confirms why Ms. Williams will not let up on her campaign.

In an official statement she released on the Life Over Fashion Facebook page, Ms. Williams said:
“Today marks exactly one year since my son, Joshua D. Woods, was stolen away from us by a group of teenagers who gunned him down to steal his Jordan sneakers. There was absolutely nothing that could have prepared me to receive the news that is every parent’s worse nightmare, and this is the news that your child has been gunned down and killed in the middle of the street. As I laid my son to rest on January 5, 2013, I promised him that I would fight to ensure that those responsible and those who could bring about a change would not let his death be in vein. His killers have been caught and are currently facing justice, but holding the killers accountable alone is not enough. I am embarking on a campaign (www.lifeoverfashion.org) to address the root of the issue, and that is calling on our political leaders to enact background checks legislation as well as legislation that would hold current firearms owners responsible for the safekeeping of their guns.  
Did you know that while 9 out of 10 Americans want background checks for firearm purchases to be mandatory, for some reason our Congress still refuses to consider this legislation? Did you know that to this date the source of the firearm used to kill my son has not been identified? For the protection of our youth, we must push for legislation that would protect our children from harm.  
I am asking on today that you join me, by signing the petition at https://www.change.org/petitions/choose-life-over-fashion, in calling on our legislative officials to help stop the perpetual political gaming and pass the common sense background check legislation that America wants and needs. In addition I am asking for legislation that would hold gun owner responsible for their guns. I am not against anyone having the right to legally own a gun; I am opposed to guns being placed in the hands of the wrong type of people. Reducing the access that minors, criminals and the mentally ill have to firearms can only save lives; who could possibly be against that?” 

For more information on Life Over Fashion visit http://lifeoverfashion.org/

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