The Return of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan electrifies Indianapolis; trends for hours on Twitter

By Brother Jesse Muhammad

On Sunday, December 1, the packed crowd in Indianapolis at the Indiana Convention Center must have been on the edge of their seats. 

Those of us watching via Internet were definitely on the edge of our tweets.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was set to make his way to the stage to deliver his first public address in months after a bout with some serious health challenges. An infection kept him from joining us in Tuskegee to commemorate the 18th Anniversary of the Million Man March.

He hasn't recorded an all-new episode for his weekly series, “The Time And What Must Be Done,” since Part 39 aired on October 5. The series is now going into its 48th installment and has not lost any steam because the rebroadcasts shown were as timely as ever.

Those who love, admire, appreciate and follow him have been keeping him in constant prayer that Allah (God) would bless him with a speedy yet proper recovery.  As he has in the past, Minister Farrakhan openly shared with us what fully and recently happened to him healthwise.

“I suffered a heart attack the early part of October. And I was blessed with a heart attack that has no damage to my heart,” Minister Farrakhan, 80, said.

I could feel, through my laptop screen, silence come over the live crowd. My fingers froze from live tweeting. I shed a few tears and I saw others tweeting that they were doing the same.

“But there was blockage and they wanted to crash my chest and have a bypass surgery. So they put in stints and weeks later I had a horrible infection. It prevented me from coming to Tuskegee,” he continued.

On November 13, he went to meet with his doctor and asked if he could go back to his rigorous schedule he’s maintained for nearly six decades.

The doctor cleared him to get back to work, but in “moderate fashion.” Minister Farrakhan honestly told the doctor he doesn't know how to moderate and the doctor replied, “You better try.”

I have to tell you how grateful I am to Almighty God Allah,” he said as the crowd erupted into applause. He reflected on how he’s had “several run-ins with the Angel of Death” yet has been blessed by Allah (God) to make that angel do an about-face because he still has work to do.

“I can't punk out over no little infection or heart attack. Don’t even ask me about Retirement! You that don't have anything to do: You retire! I got a mission and I am on my job until my God calls me in!”

Did he say a ‘little heart attack’? As the 8th chapter of the book of Matthew asks, “What manner of man is this?” This took on an entirely new meaning for me yesterday. And I personally can bear witness that since he’s been out of the hospital, he hasn’t technically stopped working.

Why was Indianapolis chosen? Minister Farrakhan said he came to pay his respect to Student Minister Nuri Muhammad, his wife, Sister Terri Muhammad and the Believers of Muhammad Mosque No. 74 for the good work they are doing.

“We really appreciate him (Nuri Muhammad) and his family,” said Minister Farrakhan.

From the start, it was evident that Allah (God) had placed something heavy on Minister Farrakhan’s heart for all of us. You could tell he didn’t plan it, because he kept saying, “I didn’t intend to go there but I guess this is where God wants me to go so I’m going to stay on this.”

He covered an array of topics in his two and half hour address. Here are a few quotes I saw heavily retweeted, however, I encourage you to get a copy of the full message and read more detailed coverage in an upcoming edition of The Final Call newspaper.

On Self-improvement

“It’s not that you don’t know what’s right. God did not create you stupid. If you’re stupid, you made yourself that way by being against nature.”

“In the essence of your being, He (God) is there. When you’re about to do something crazy a voice says, “I wouldn’t do that.””

“Your testicles may look like raisins before you meet God but after you meet God you will need a wheelbarrow!”

“When you can't see yourself giving your life for something bigger than your life, then you have already lost it.”

“Genuine love doesn't come from a whorish mind or a pimp spirit. Genuine love is full of sacrifice and full of self-denial.”

“Take your mind off of sex for a minute and see the condition of a world going to hell around you and taking you down with it!

On Religion

“Every time a Prophet comes, he comes with guidance, warning and a threat…No Prophet of God came without a threat, and at a certain point the threat was carried out.”

“I don’t look at labels. I try to discern the spirit. You cannot manufacture the Spirit of God.”

“Jesus was not about building buildings. He was about building people.”

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said Jesus was two thousand years too soon to end the civilization of the Jews. How do you end a man's civilization? You reveal a knowledge that overtakes his knowledge.”

“Pastors: Stop the damn entertainment!”

On President Obama, the U.S. Government and Israel

“The American people are war-weary and it is wise to create dialogue that will end in a peaceful solution.”

“The President cannot get bi-partisan support for nothing, but if Netanyahu comes in, Democrats and Republicans come out for him…This man (Netanyahu) has more respect in the U S Congress than the President.”

“The American government is under the control of the Zionists.”

“Over 350 American soldiers in this year alone have committed suicide. They come back from war messed up. “

“President Obama is trying to keep America out of another war.“

“There has never been a president more disrespected than Barack Obama.”

“I ask those in Congress who oppose President Obama to stand down and give him the six months needed to see if he can create the peace that will secure Israel and the world. Because if this thing isn't settled, I will share with you what's about to go down with the help of God.”

“Many states are closing in on bankruptcy. You don't need another war!”

“Right now they are so angry with President Obama, even some in the militias are saying they have the right to kill him because of what he has done. “(Regarding Iran)

“America: If you attack Iran, you will let forces loose in this world that will lead to your own destruction. “

“Israel: With all of the weapons that you have, why are you so insecure? You know something that frightens you.”

“Israel is not going to go to war unless they pull America in with them.”

“America: I will never stand by you and join in an unjust war. “

On Respect and Protection of Women and Girls

“Where there are no decent women, there are no decent men.”

“The Muslims are not trying to make the woman less than by covering her. How were the women around Jesus dressed?”

“The most important reform a Prophet engages in is the reform of women.”

“Sisters: A man should be worthy to have you. Don't cheapen yourself to give yourself to a man that's not proven he's worthy.”

“A man by nature is the natural protector of the woman.”

“The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that we shouldn't leave our female daughters alone with their fathers.”

“If there is no killing in you to protect your woman, there's no God in you!“

On Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint, jobs and farming

“America can’t create jobs for you. Can you understand that?”

“Elijah Muhammad said we need land. We need 100 million acres as a start; that's the size of California.”

“Get out in the streets and talk to your people. This is no Sit Down Time!”

“Black people spend $6 billion per year on smoking and drinking. Talking about you broke! If you stop smoking, drinking and partying, you might have something to invest.”

“The chemicals are killing you. They're killing you and you’re loving it. Isn’t that the saying of McDonalds? ‘I’m Lovin It.’”

“If you don’t grow the food you eat, then you still got death on your table.”

“This (Economic Blueprint) is a mass movement for saving and investment in our own development.”

#FarrakhanIndy top trending topic on Twitter

Minister Farrakhan’s Indianapolis message trended at the No. 1 spot on Twitter. According to Trendinalia.com, the hashtag #FarrakhanIndy trended over three hours straight and trended in major cities such as Houston for nearly six hours straight.

The #FarrakhanTwitterArmy has been able to get his weekly Saturday broadcast trending nationally for the past 30 consecutive Saturdays and is looking forward to reaching 31 when Minister Farrakhan returns December 7 with an all-new message.

“In the next few weeks I’m going to tell you about a weapon above our heads. I can't wait to tell you,” said Minister Farrakhan. That weekly broadcast airs every Saturday at 6pm CT.

It was such a blessing to see Minister Farrakhan’s smiling face and hear this earth-shaking message. 

Thank you again to Student Minister Nuri Muhammad, his beautiful wife and family, and all of the Believers of Muhammad Mosque No. 74 for your dedication to the Mission of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad!

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