Discussing the impact of Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Farrakhan Twitter Army on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

On Saturday, January 25, I was back again as a guest on The Feedback Line hosted by Sister Charlene Muhammad and Sister Sheritta X. The Feedback line is dedicated to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's "The Time and What Must Be Done" lecture series, heard Saturdays at 6p CST on www.NOI.org/TheTime. This week was hosted by Brother Brian Muhammad, a contributing writer for The Final Call newspaper. We discussed Part 55 and the impact of Minister Farrakhan and the #FarrakhanTwitterArmy on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I also shared personal testimonies of what I have observed from Minister Farrakhan regarding social media, work ethic, etc.

Click here to listen to the replay of the interview.

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